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afternoon. my name is rachel roberts and i am the civil rights coordinator for the council on american islamic relations san francisco bay area office. i would first of all like to thank you on behalf of our organization for supporting this important resolution and i would especially like to acknowledge the commitment and hard work of supervisor chiu and his wonderful staff. thank you. those of us who come from marginalized communities know that in tightxv of great fear and prejudice that it is not politically easy to stand with communities that are being scapegoated. today you have made it clear to the world that san francisco will not give in too bigtry. over the past 24 hours, we have heard from many members of the american muslim community. we are here to share their gratitude for your bravery and your commitment to diversity and inclusion. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> the greatest miscarriage of justice was when jesus was killed. and when they came to the place which is called calvary, there they crucified him and the malefactors, one on the right hand and one on the
organizations who came together on this issue that represent our diverse ethnic community, civil rights, labor, social justice and religious organizations and ask for your support. madam clerk, could you call the roll. >> on item 35, supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. there are nine ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. colleagues, we have one additional item on our calendar and that is our 3:30 special commendations related to women's history month. why don't i suggest that we recess for the next 10 minutes and reconvene at 3:30. with that, we are in recess. >>please stand by; meeting in recess
in protecting civil rights, and this is an opportunity to continue to do so. thank you. the rest i mitt. -- submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor kim. >> thank you. today i'm introducing a resolution to rename an alley way here in district 6 just a block away from city hall, the [speaker not understood] alley. and i am introducing this resolution with supervisor campos, wiener, and avalos. many of you may have been following in the press some of the recent comments that our former [speaker not understood] leader has made regarding lgbt members of his parliament. due to some of his strong comments and his unwillingness to apologize for it, we have been [speaker not understood] request in our office to consider the renaming of this alley way. it is just a one-block alley way in between van ness and polk street. and after looking at it and determining some of the cost and the scope of the work, we decided that it was worthwhile to move forward with this idea. as we consider what the renaming process would look like, the street's name was originally ivy street. we noted there
want to thank the 75 organizations that have come together around this issue representing our civil rights, labor, and social justice and religious organizations as well as our diverse communities including leaders from our african-american, asian american, latino, lgbt and jewish communities. my second item is to call for a hearing around a potential sewage disaster. as supervisor yee well knows from district 7 two weeks ago, a pc water main broke in west polk which damages 23 homes on a residential block. over the past two years our city has had over 200 water main breaks and about as many burst water sewer lines and paid out claims and judgments in that period totaling over $5 million. in today's chronicle, and this is an article that is at the top of a bay area section of sf gate, the chronicle reported that the 8 washington [speaker not understood] project we considered last year is built as was currently planned could threaten our city's north force main, which is a sewer pipeline that carries one quarter of our city's sewage. serving the financial district, north beach, china
.s. district court ruled that the new york mta which had refused the same ad did not have a legal right to do so. however, in that opinion the judge said, today's ruling does not disable city authorities from adopting rules that hold ads on buses to a standard of civility. today's ruling instead leaves and is intended to leave mta, the latitude to investigate and experiment in alternative mechanisms by using ad space on city buses, productively, profitably, and constitutionally. perhaps reflecting this part of the judge's ruling in their press release on the savage ad, the san francisco mta said, going forward we will review our policy with regard to ads on the muni system. but the mta has agreed to put these new discriminatory ads on san francisco buses which suggests that it has not yet taken the judge's advice to revise its policies. so, in addition to passing this resolution, we strongly urge you to direct the mta to review and revise its muni policies so that we can avoid these harmful racist ads and help keep san francisco the welcoming and peaceful city that we all love. thank you. >>>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)